Sara Stilwell - 1st VP

Hello lovelies! I am hoping to see many of your smiling faces this

year at our Spring Convention. I can't wait to have Nate & Susan

back. We are gearing up for another great convention and

can't wait to have you there.

​It's interesting to think of ALL the changes being implemented

with AMTA, as Carla has stated. And for so many, change is a 

word that people cringe at, fear, and usually try to avoid.

Changing your focus with the way you view change, can create a major shift in how change personally affects you. When you view it in a negative manner, the outcome will always remain negative.

​Instead, view change as a new, exciting, learning adventure. Besides, life doesn't truly start until you begin living outside of your comfort zone, right?

​One of my favorite instructors/mentors from massage college once said something to me that resonated with me greatly. "When you reach the point where you honestly believe you know everything there is possibly to know about your profession, the only direction left for you is decline." I agree with this wholeheartedly and refuse to ever believe that I know everything. Whether it's learning a new technique, being reminded of a technique I should start using again, or just learning something that I have in common with someone I don't really know, there is always room for self-improvement.

​Take care of yourself! Self-care is essential for a successful career! Get massages FREQUENTLY! Other Massage Therapists are awesome. Don't limit yourself with choosing not to make new Massage Therapist friends. Who else knows what goes on in your typical work day than another Massage Therapist? Every Massage Therapist gives a massage different from another Massage Therapist, so the sooner you end the viewpoint that they are your competition, the sooner you'll make some new friends, expand your horizons, and enjoy your career with your tribe of people that understand you. This is going to prevent you from reaching that awful autopilot burnout stage that ends so many talented careers. Don't be that person. Be the best version of you!

So I challenge you at this year's convention to meet 5 new people you don't know and learn 3 things about them. I think you'll be surprised at what you learn, not just about them, but also about yourself.

​Be that change you want to see in the world, my friends. You truly can do it. See you soon!
​ - Sara (


Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

   Registration 7-8 pm

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

  Registration 6:30-7:30 am

  Welcome 7:30-7:45 am

  Class 7:45 am-5:30 pm


     Social 6:30 pm

     Dinner and Activities 7:00 pm

Friday, April 15th, 2016

  Class 8 am to 12:30 pm

  Annual Meeting/Lunch 12:30 -2 pm

  Class 2-6:30 pm


Resolutions aren't just for New Years.  Today I realize that I am facing the need to restart my business with a small group of loyal customers and a huge file drawer of customers I haven't talked to for months (or years).  I resolve to talk to (not just call and leave a message) 5 people every day to reinvigorate my business.  What are your business resolutions to Refresh, Recharge and Reinvigorate?

We need your story!

Do you have a funny massage story to share? We are looking for lots of laughter in our next newsletter. Names will be kept private. Send your stories to Val Hanson at

Valerie Hanson - Third Vice President 


Change – gotta love it.  Often, because we have no choice.  Whether we choose to make the change or that change is thrust upon us,

change happens to everyone.  How we deal with change speaks to our character, preparation, and training.

I generally do not like change.  In my office, my displays are the same, week after week.  When I put them up I experiment with different

configurations and end up with something I like and keep until a new product entices me to change.  I know that is contrary to marketing

principles, but I like the visual I have created!

Sooo… when I lost the second office space in three months, I was psychologically reeling!  My lease at the truck stop was not renewed so I asked my condo association if I could practice from my home.  They said yes, so I dragged my office up a looooong flight of stairs and settled in.  Yesterday they gave me notice that they will not allow business in the building.  So I am hitting the bricks again in search of a workable (hopefully long term) office space.

When I learned I would have to leave the truck stop after having my office there for 11 years, I mourned deeply.  I had come to love my office space and the people I worked with.  I worried the truckers would not be able to follow me to another location.  Mourning is natural and NEEDED.  I worked through a number of feelings and finally came to some closure.

So when the condo board started asking questions about my business, I sensed an undercurrent of change and started thinking about options.  I haven’t come up with the definitive solution, but I am focused, working to solve the problem, and don’t feel the problem is depleting my energy as it once did.  And prayer helps A LOT.

I knew I could take massage anywhere, anytime.  I worried whether I would have enough people following me to warrant the cost of office rent.  OK, I can market my massage and drum up more business (no more resting on my laurels, I have to get busy talking to people).  ACTION helps release stress and energy in a positive manner.  I can sit and worry about how many people will follow me to the new location or I can get on the phone and systematically roll through my client files to speak to each person, inviting them to see the new digs, catch up, and get a relaxing session.

And I know there will be more changes in the future, more opportunities that may drop in my lap, so I continue to plan for flexibility with my business.

The feedback from the 2015 AMTA-ND Spring Conventions educational presenters was so phenomenal, we have invited  Nate Butryn and Susan Salvo back for 2016! 

Watch our Facebook page for updates during the Annual Convention April 14 & 15.  We will be sharing the fun! 

Nate Butryn and Susan Salvo:  Back By Popular Demand

3 Ways to Reinvigorate and

Refocus Your Business

By Adelaide Lancaster

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of your business, spending each day fending off the deluge of incoming emails and putting out fires. But just because that’s an easy mode to be in, doesn’t make it a good one. And it doesn’t take much time in this routine before your work will start to feel tedious and your business stagnant.

That’s why it’s good to conduct a refocusing session every couple of months. Taking a few scheduled, structured hours away from the computer will do you and your business wonders. Not only will you get a much-needed break from the daily grind, but you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in the big picture, find focus for the coming months, and get into a good and happy groove again.

So find a productive offsite location, schedule a meeting with yourself, and, once you’re there, dig in to these three topics.

1. What I Want the Business to do Better

2. What I Want to do Better Myself

3. What I’m Currently Thinking Through

Click below for the complete article:

AMTA volunteers donated many hours to raise funds for the Childrens Backpack program in Jamestown, Sanford Children's Advocacy Program in Bismarck and Fargo volunteers did chair massage at Natural Grocer to raise funds and food products for the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry. 

Jamestown Massage Therapists conducted their 6th annual massage event at the Jamestown Business Center October 29th, 2015 in observance of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, a national program sponsored by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).
Ten-minute massages for a minimum $10 donation were offered to people of all ages. Plus Noridian employees along with the therapists provided a bake sale.  Teaming together, all proceeds were given to the local Community Action Weekend Back Pack For Kids Program for a total of $1646.00.  100% of monies went for food supplies.
Therapists Terri Rosemore, Morgan Adams, Bradley Georgeson, Amie Schultz, Shaila Tahran, Kate Tally and Michelle Kinzler and Noridian representatives Betty Haufschild and Lisa Berg and Community Action representatives Sarah Oberlander and Faith participated.


 The Bismarck NMTAW event at Sanford Health was also a success.  Sanford Leadership Association and  AMTA-ND Chapter members set up a day of 10-30 minute chair massage sessions on January 13th, 2016, with proceeds going to the Sanford Child Advocacy Program .  Four AMTA-ND Massage Therapists that were able to volunteer were Carla Anderson, Jill Place, Pamela Blazek, and Desiree Bourgois van Oosting.   Together we raised $ 1500.00 for the Sanford Child Advocacy Program, with their matching funds.  AMTA members, Carla Anderson and Mary Le May also contributed donations, as well as, Mary Degner, a local LMT from Mandan.  Carla Anderson made her donation as a memorial, honoring her mother, Carol Kurtz, whom recently lost her battle with cancer.  We look forward to sharing NMTAW with more volunteers this fall.  Can you help us this year? Please let us know! This is an incredible networking opportunity as well as a great way to educate the public on the benefits of Massage Therapy

Thank you to all volunteers for your time and energy!  You are all awesome!

Weekend Backpack Programs

Around the region, you’ll find many teachers who can tell you about a student who came to school on Monday, not reluctant to start the school week but eager to get back to school after going through Friday evening, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday without a square meal—or knowledge of a source for their next meal.  

Those children are the reason we started the BackPack Program.

The BackPack Program is one of FeedMore’s major initiatives to ensure that children in need have balanced, nutritious food they need to learn and grow. The concept is simple: children at risk of weekend hunger receive a bag of food that is child-friendly, nutritious, nonperishable, and easy to prepare/eat. Each BackPack offers enough food that children can easily assemble into six healthy meals over the weekend when schools are unable to provide breakfasts or lunches.

By partnering with Communities in Schools, school staff, and local school systems, the BackPacks are distributed to children in need through the school system—discreetly—each Friday afternoon or before a long holiday weekend


1. Peanut Butter

2. Canned Tuna & Chicken

3. Low Sodium Veggies

4. Fruits Packed in Juice

5. Spaghetti Sauce (No Glass)

6. Canned or Dry Beans

7. Hot & Cold Cereal 8. Whole Grain Snacks –

See more at:

Michelle Koenig - Treasurer

As Licensed Massage Therapists, some of us will be the first to say that we don't

get massages as much as we know we should.  I am one of those people. 

It's not that I don't love them, I just don't make the time. 

It is so important for us to take care of ourselves.  I have found after 12 years of doing massage that when I hurt myself or overwork myself, I don't just bounce back like I used to.  If I'm not able to get a massage, I make sure at least once a week, I take a bath with Epsom salts or Dead Sea Salts and essential oils like lavender, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus.  It really has seemed to help with the achy muscles that come with giving massages. 

So often the word "burnout" comes up in our business. I remember when I went to my first massage convention back in 2004.  There were very few people that had been doing it over 15 to 20 years.  Now there are several!  I think it is amazing and kudos to those people!  I hope that 8 years from now and maybe even beyond that I will still be doing this.  When I feel that burnout coming on, then it is time for a break.  I will usually take an extra day or two off of work one week and get away.  Even if it is just to go to Fargo or Bismarck for the day. 

I also love to talk with fellow massage therapists!  Convention is a great way to refresh and recharge the batteries!  It's a great way to learn new things, or refresh your memory on things you already know.  It's great to visit with other massage therapists and make new friends.  I'm still trying to remember everyone's names with my position as Treasurer.  When you see me at convention, please introduce yourself.  I hope to see you at convention!

Patrick Atkinson is the  founder of Gods Child project.   At the last workshop AMTA-ND sold his book and passed the hat to collect $457 for the Gods Child project.  These funds go toward education about human trafficking and to help children in the poorest countries.  Thank you, everyone for your generosity!


Nate Butryn's 2016 Convention Presentation: Cervical Spine and Shoulder Girdle: An Orthomuscular Approach

Nate Butryn is an HONORS graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) 1000 hour program. He also received an additional 200 advanced Orthopedic & Sports Certificate in 2001 from BCMT.  

After graduating in 1998, Nate started his private massage therapy practice in Boulder, CO.  He specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports & Orthopedic Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Motor Vehicle Accident/Whiplash Injuries, and Deep Tissue massage.  His practice has included professional & Olympic distance runners, professional cyclists, musicians, and has worked for Cirque Du Soleil.

Nate has also been a teacher at BCMT (1999-2013) and his own continuing education seminars (Ortho-Muscular Approach) since 2006. He has taught his Ortho-Muscular Approach seminars in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Colorado and North Dakota.  His passion for the massage profession and healthcare shine through in both his private massage sessions and in his teaching style.

Ever Want to Volunteer for a Board Position? Here's your Chance!

 by Commission on Candidacy

Board Positions Available:
2nd Vice President
Alternate Delegate

Applications for open positions can be found on our website to be downloaded and sent to the Commission on Candidacy Chairperson, Dralinn Koenig. Her address is:

Dralinn Koenig,

612 N. 34th St.,

Bismarck, ND  58501

Applications will be taken until April 11th, 2016.  If only one application is received for a position, that person will automatically be voted into the position. If 2 or more applications are received for a position, a vote will be held at the annual meeting. If no applications are received, we will take nominations from the floor.

North Dakota

Welcome to New Members/Transfers to ND

New Members

Stephanie Archambault, Fargo,

Lorren Belakjon, Williston,

Jacey Routh, Williston,

Kristen Schepp, Kramer,

Katlyn Binstock, South Heart,

Taura Schantz, Dickinson,

Jeanie Smith, Fargo,

Natalie Sticka-Sundberg, Fargo,

Bethany Tunheim, Wishek,

Erica Uhlmann, Fargo,

Trevor Umpleby, Dickinson,

Kali Oistad, Fargo,

Cassandra Woods, West Fargo,

Mindy Cabler, Williston,

Yupaporn Kaewdam, Minot,

Rayann Reimers, Finley,

Maureen Simmons, West Fargo,

Jamie Warren, Fargo,

Mary Kossan, Mandan,

Coleen Teigen, West Fargo

New Transfers

Kim Haarstick, West Fargo,

Malynda Coleman, Jamestown,

Kelly Dekker, Dickinson,

Sarah Elmer, Hebron

Note from the President -- Carla Anderson

As John F. Kennedy once quoted, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the

past or present are certain to miss the future.” As much as I like things to remain the same,

change is inevitable and change is a way to help us grow as human beings.

Our board of directors have watched as the national association has made changes to their board

structure and voting procedures. Now, we are approaching several changes to our board which

will also  include changes in the structure and having to give a majority of the control of our finances

to the national association. This is being done to lessen the burden on its volunteers since finding

volunteers is not an easy task for any state chapter.

Speaking of volunteers, we are coming to the end of a fiscal year for our chapter, which means, we have several positions coming open. Once again, we are due for a change. As my term comes to an end, I look forward to the new changes. If you have ever thought about volunteering for a position on our board, an application can be downloaded from our website and sent to our Commission on Candidacy Chairperson, Dralinn Koenig. Her contact information can be found further in the newsletter. Volunteer positions coming open are President, 2nd VP, Secretary and Alternate Delegate. The Alternate Delegate will be a “just in case” fill in for our Delegate in case she is unable to attend the meeting at the National Convention the end of October. The Delegate represents our chapter by voting on Position Statements and Recommendations given from state chapter boards, to bring forth to the National Board.

Once again, we have been working hard on preparing another interesting educational event for you. Since our educators had the best reviews ever last year, we invited them to come back! Once again, we welcome Nate Butryn and Susan Salvo back to North Dakota! Nate’s course will be an extension of his course last year and Susan will be bringing different classes for us, which you can decide to purchase separately or attend all 4. So, April 14th and 15th, 2016, we will be hosting our educational event for you. We will have vendors for you again, a charity event to raise funds and accept non-perishable food items listed further in this newsletter for the Back Pack Program, a banquet on Thursday evening with motivational speaker, Melanie Carvell, and our Annual Business Meeting Friday during lunch, lunch on us. Find the registration form on our website, print it out and send it to Michelle Koenig with payment. We are here to serve our members by providing you with great local education at an affordable price! Don't miss your opportunity to attend!

It has been a pleasure serving you. I hope to see many of you this April!

With Respect,

Carla Andersn

ANTA-ND Chapter President

Welcome, Spring!  And AMTA-North Dakota Chapter members.  You are weathering another ND winter and are looking forward to birds, blossoms and soft breezes.  And the AMTA-ND Chapter Annual Convention!  We have great educators, exciting vendors, and friends –old and new—waiting to see you.


Refresh and Renew 2.0
Desiree Bourgois van Oosting  - Secretary

Greetings.  I am writing to you on Super Bowl Sunday.  Go Broncos! 

The game isn’t over so I hope they win! When you are reading this, we will all know!

As I am watching the game, I think of how much these athletes dedicate to their health and wellness in order to play this

intense game.   Athletes can’t cheat on their workout, food intake, and lifestyle and expect to show up at a Super Bowl. 

These amazing athletes have to be living a healthy lifestyle.  I heard a Physician speak about health and wellness for

athletes recently.  She was actually a health and wellness consultant for the LA Lakers.  She found that taking sugar out of a particular athlete’s diet (he had a sugar addiction), helped decrease his chronic back pain.    She started a lifestyle and food change for this athlete, the team, and their families.  She knew it was important to have their family’s on board with this lifestyle change.   The result was less injury’s and more play time. 

As we look forward to our careers ahead of us, if we are to show up for others in health and wellness, we have to also, like these athletes, take care of our body, inside and out.  My wish for all of you is to refresh and renew with a gift of wellness to yourself.    Be good to your body.  Make time to exercise, eat well, and take time off.

The theme for the Spring Convention sets us up for round two of Susan Salvo and Nate Butryn.   Once again I am having a difficult time trying to decide which dynamic teacher to learn from.   The feedback from last year’s conference was superb!  

We have a great banquet speaker as well, who will blend in perfectly with Susan and Nate, Melanie Carvell.  Melanie is a World Class athlete.  She has competed in World Triathlons, Duathlons, and National Cycling Championships.    She competed in Olympic Cycling Trials in 1992.  Melanie is a busy mother, grandmother, and native of Mott, N.D.

Melanie recently published a book, Running With The Antelope.   Her book is full of inspiration, virtue, ND history, and adventure.   Melanie currently resides in Bismarck and oversees the Sanford Women’s Health Center.  She is a Physical Therapist by trade and passionate about wellness.  With deep respect, I am happy to have her chosen as our speaker for Thursday nights banquet.  I have just mentioned a few of her accomplishments.  She is amazing.

I look forward to seeing everyone again at the Spring Convention. If anyone is interested in doing an early morning run on Friday, let me know on Thursday!  I am always up for a run no matter what your speed.


Bismarck, ND

January 13, 2016

Sanford Clinic in Bismarck

Susan G. Salvo, B. Ed., LMT, N.T.S, C.I. is a Nationally Certified, State Licensed Massage Therapist, and Natural Therapeutic Specialist.  . 

Hello massage therapists in the great state of North Dakota. I am thrilled to return to ND and provide more quality education at your next state convention this April. I am also excited to get to hang out with all of you, the board members, and with fellow CE provider, Nate Butryn.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Susan Salvo. I am a board certified, actively-practicing massage therapist with over 30 years of experience. I love to research information and write about it. I have written two best-selling textbooks -
Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice and Mosby’s Guide to Pathology for Massage Therapists. I also like to teach. I teach regularly at the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy and travel the country conducting workshops for practicing therapists.

I love learning and frequently find myself in classrooms as a student. I have an associate degree in history, a bachelors in education, and a masters in educational leadership. I am currently working on a doctorate degree in education. I joined AMTA in 1983 and helped charter our state chapter in Louisiana during 1986. In 1989, they honored me with Member of the Year and, in 2003, with the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014, I received the very first lifetime achievement award for educational excellence given by the AMTA during the National Convention. I served on the advisory board for the American Pregnancy Massage Association and I am a current member of the Society for Oncology Massage.

I will be presenting four amazing courses during the state convention. Oncology Massage (6 hours), Pregnancy Massage (4 hours), Ethics (4 hours), and the History of Massage (2 hours). During Oncology Massage, I will demonstrate and supervise hand-on trades in a technique that is suitable for your clients with advanced cancer and those in hospice care. You will also learn the most up-to-date practice standards in our profession and how to use this information to create client-centered and condition-appropriate treatment plans. Come curious; leave confident and educated.   

 AMTA-ND Chapter 
Board of Directors

Carla Anderson
First VP
Sara Stillwell

Second VP
Pamela Blazek 
Third VP
Valerie Hanson
​Michelle Koenig

Desiree Bourgois van Oosting 

More Information Concerning our Educational Spring Convention

This year, Nate Butryn is offering the second part of his class that connects with the previous class presented in Bismarck last year. You do not need to have attended the first class to take this years class. He will be teaching his technique, the Orthomuscular Approach to the Cervical Spine and Shoulder Girdle. The class is 16 CEU's and he is requesting that all participants bring your tables, all must perform the hands on work, unless you have a medical excuse as to why you cannot participate, and you must attend the class in its entirety to receive your certificate.

Susan Salvo is sharing lots of knowledge with us again. She will be teaching 4 separate classes and you can take 1 or all 4. On Thursday, she will presenting Oncology Massage, 6 CEU's, there will be some hands on techniques and then History of Massage, 2 CEU's starting at 3:30 pm.

On Friday, she will start with Pregnancy Massage, 4 CEU's and ending with Ethics, 4 CEU's, starting at 2 pm.

Thursday evening is our social and banquet. All convention participants that are taking the full 16 CEU's, you may attend with a significant other and children on us. Any additional adults and anyone whom attended single classes that would like to attend the banquet, the price is $18.00 per adult and $12.00 per child. We will be welcoming Melanie Carvell as our motivational speaker this year.

Friday afternoon, 12:30 pm, will be the AMTA-North Dakota Chapters Annual Meeting. We will be serving lunch. All members, it is a privilege to have an organization whom is there to support you as a professional and whom works hard to bring you great educators at an affordable price. Why not support your chapter and attend the meeting. Non members are also invited to attend if you want to see what the AMTA is about. You cannot vote during any elections though.

Please click on the link available in the newsletter and on the homepage to find your registration form.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Carla Anderson at 701-400-7841 or



April 14th-15th,2016

Ramada Inn

Bismarck, North Dakota

1400 East Interchange Ave., Exit 159 off I-94


Rooms $99/night prior to 3/30/16

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